People wanting the skills and knowledge to promote and maintain safety and health in the working environment.


Safety and Health at Work
QQI Level 5 Module D20165
QQI Credit Certificate in Safety and Health at Work


4 Days – The course can be delivered one day a week for 4 weeks or over 4 consecutive days.


Group training Maximum: 8 participants
Note: West Cork Safety typically requires a minimum of 4candidates per course


Level 4 Certificate, Leaving Certificate or equivalent Qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences..
Note: Candidates will be required to complete a verbal skills demonstration, a project and short examination. To ensure an effective learning process for all participants please inform the West Cork Safety Training Coordinator, when booking, of any learning concerns or needs.


Room suitable to seat 9 people comfortably (with tables /desks if possible) and suitable area for group discussions / demonstrations.
White wall or projector screen


Please contact the West Cork Safety Training Coordinator for group booking fees and public or group course availability.


At the end of the training course candidates should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of safety and health
  • Recognise the factors that influence health, safety and welfare
  • Apply the principles and procedures of health and safety to the workplace
  • Understand the importance of hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Promote safe working practices and procedures
  • Be familiar with core legislation in the area of safety, health and welfare.



At the end of the training course candidates should be able to:

Day 1:

  • Unit 1:-Duties of the Employer and Employees
  • Unit 2:-Role and Function of the Health and Safety Authority
  • Unit 3:-Safety Statements
  • Unit 4:-Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Risk Factors & Control Measures
  • Unit 5:-Accident Causation and Prevention Strategies
  • Unit 6:-Emergency and accident procedures and reporting
  • Unit 7:-First aid kits and workplace absence reporting


Day 2:

  • Unit 8:-Fire Hazards and Fire Prevention
  • Unit 9:-Housekeeping
  • Unit 10:-Manual handling
  • Unit 11:-Mechanical and electrical equipment hazards and risks
  • Unit 12:-Noise and Air borne particle hazards and risks
  • Unit 13:-Hazardous Materials


Day 3:

  • Unit 16:-Factors contributing to Health
  • Unit 17:-Occupational health risk factors
  • Unit 18:-Exercise and diet promotion
  • Unit 19:-Infection risks and control
  • Unit 14:-Safety Signage
  • Unit 15:-Personnel Protective Equipment


Day 4:

  • Unit 9:-Communication and Training Roles for workplace health and safety
  • Unit 10:-Promotion of Health and Safety work practises in the Workplace

Assignment 1 & 2 Submittal


At the end of the training course candidates should be able to:

Assignment (1) 30% (to be submitted on day 4)

Candidates will be required to complete an assignment that demonstrates their ability to carry out a safety, health and welfare inspection, indentifying hazards, risks and control measures in their work place with appropriate documentation.

Assignment (2) 30% ( to be submitted on day 4)

Candidates will be required to complete an assignment that demonstrates their understanding of communication training and promotion with regard to safety hazards and health hazards.

Examination: 40%

This is a theory based examination of approximately 90 minutes duration that assesses the candidate’s ability to recall and apply theory and understanding of components from all the units. Candidates will be require to complete in writing or orally.10 out of 12 short answer questions and 2 of 3 structured questions.


(Pass 50 – 64%)

(Merit 65 – 79%)

(Distinction 80 – 100%)


Please refer to our website or contact the Training Co-ordinator for any additional information required about Recognition of Prior Learning, Course Assessment, Appeals, Tutor Contact Details , Learners’ Rights, and Other Training Courses avaliable at: