Under the 2006 Construction Regulations contractors are required to comply with the following when dealing with works on roads, footpaths and cycle tracks

– There is at least one person with a valid Signing Lighting and Guarding CSCS Card on site at all times when works are in progress

– There is adequate guarding and lighting provided and traffic signs in place and maintained and where necessary, operated as required for the safe guidance or direction of persons having regard to the needs of people with disabilities

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

A Traffic Management plan should be prepared for all works on a road, footpath or cycle track. Too often Companies are engaged in works which they consider being routine maintenances on footpaths, cycle tracks and even roadways without a traffic management plan and they only become aware of this onus following an accident/incident or claim of some sort against their company

West Cork Safety can assist you in preparing a Traffic Management Plan. We will visit your site or road in question in order to determine type and/or number of signs, cones, taper rates, longitudinal & lateral safety zones etc required which is governed by Traffic counts, road classification, speed limits, weather, road width and road shape.
Once the required information is obtained a traffic management plan is then prepared and presented to the Client.

We also offertraining in Signing, Lighting and Guarding and Health and Safety at Roadworks training courses

West Cork Safety can carry out ergonomic assessments on individual workstations to help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries to your employees and also to ensure you are legally compliant.

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