Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 every employer is legally required to have a Safety Statement. A point to note: Employers working in the construction industry with less than 3 employees can avail the HSA’s Code of Practice Document.
The safety statement is a document outlining how the company intends to manage health and safety for their business.

A Safety Statement needs to be site specific to your business and its work activities. The basic structure of a safety statement should include:

The Company Safety Policy
The Health and Safety Responsibilities
The Safety and Health Arrangements E.g. Safety Training , Safety and Health Consultation
Written Risk Assessments detailing Hazards , Risks And Control Measures
Emergency Plans and Procedures
Each business will have different risks and hazards associated to their work practices and West Cork Safety can assist with preparing, updating, reviewing and auditing your Safety Statement.

We encourage involvement in preparing your Safety Statement from Management, supervisory staff and employees to produce a safety statement that is workable and a realistic document that everyone is comfortable to use

Employers working in the construction industry with less than 3 employees can avail of the HSA’s Code of Practice Document It shall be sufficient compliance with this section by an employer employing 3 or less employees to observe the terms of a code of practice, if any, relating to safety statements which applies to the class of employment covering the type of work activity carried on by the employer.’ (Safety Health and Welfare at Work 2005)